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Ullal Seyyid Madani Darga

The Ullal darga famous for its legend & Uroos celebration. Ullala Darga is situated about 13 kms from the Mangalore city. Ullala Darga is easily accessible by buses, auto-rickshaws and taxis.

The Dargah to commemorate Saint Sayyid Mohammed Shareeful Madani, located in Ullal in South Kanara, has been drawing pilgrims from all faiths. Legend has it that about 500 years ago, Sayyid Muhammed Shareeful Madani came to Mangalore from Saudi Arabia, reaching the shores of Ullal by floating on a piece of cloth. He camped in a small mosque at Melangadi in Ullal village where he led asimple life showering his love on the poor.
Now Ullal Darga is one of the popular pilgrim center as well famous for charity through its Educational institutions, Hospital & financial assistance to poor people, supply free books to poor students, Medical assistance etc.

Distance from Nearest Cities / Town in Kms
Distance from Mangalore City to Ullala Darga: 13 Kms
Distance from Thokkotu to Ullala Darga: 2 Kms
Distance from Talapady to Ullala Darga: 12 ms
Distance from B.C. Road to Ullala Darga: 27 Kms

Entry Timings to Ullala Darga: Morning 5 Am Night 10PM

Better Time to visit to Ullala Darga: Any time of the year

Local Languages in and around Ullala Darga:
1. Byari  2.Malayalam  3.Tulu  4.Kannada  5. Hindi

Brief History of Ullala Darga:
The history says that the Saint came to Ullal around 500 years ago from the Holy city of Madeena in Saudi Arabia by floating across the sea on a piece of “Chadar” or “Musallla“. He camped at a small mosque in melangadi area, which is the present Juma Masjid for Ullal, Permannur, Someshwar, Kotekar and Jappina Mogaru Villages.
The Saint led a very pious and simple life. His simplicity and devotion of faith, love towards the poor attracted the villagers. The villagers were pouring towards him because he used to solve their problems through his prayers and spiritual powers. Hearing of his miraculous healings people irrespective of caste and creed flocked to Ullal to have a glimpse and blessings and blessings to the Saint.
Later on the Saint married a girl from a poor and respectable family. This family used to reside in a tenanted land. One day the landlord came to the plot and got plucked the tender coconuts from the tree in the yard. Children in the yards asked for a tender but the landlord refused to give one to them. When the Saint came home he saw the children’s crying for the tender coconut. He pacified the children’s and thus the children’s stopped crying. Few days later the landlord came to the Saint and complained to severe stomach pain. He confessed his guilt and begged the Saints pardon. The Saint gave him a glass of water. On drinking it, the landlord was relieved of his pain. To show his gratitude he gave the tenanted land to the Saint. The descendants of the Saint are still in the enjoyment of the land. The Saints name is associated with several such miracles. Out of the few are given below.
One day when the Saint was performing his ablution (Wazu) in a tank of the nearby mosque at Alekal locality, he suddenly started throwing water upwards toward water werstern side. He was found throwing water high above him. People who were performing the wazu near him were surprised. Lated they asked the Saint why he did so? The saint replied that he was trying to extinguish the fire that was broken out at Mecca mosque (Haram Shareef). It was later confirmed by pilgrims who had been to Mecca that there had indeed been a fire in a corner of the mosque at Mecca and a sudden showers had extinguished it.
On another occasion it appears that a vessel bound for Mangalore from Arabia lost a bag containing valuables in the sea. In spite the captain’s best efforts he could not located the bag. Finally on the advice of some locals of Mangalore the captain of the vessel approached the Saint for help. The Saint asked him to come the following day. When he did, the Saint lifted the bag form his backside intact and handed it over to the Captain. There was water dripping out from the bag as if he same was just lifted from the sea bed.
The Saint never saved anything for his future. When was bed ridden his wife wept bitterly asked him, how she would cope after his death? The Saint consoled her and told her that she would find a rupee coin beneath her pillow every day. That is exactly happened after the death of Saint. As like any other women, the widow instead of spending the entire money saved half a rupee. To surprise, the next day onwards she started finding only half of a rupee under her pillow. Realizing her folly, she began spending the whole amount without saving anything till her death. When the Saint died a tomb was erected over his. His grave which is the present day Ullala Darga. Even today miracles continued to take place there. A dumb person who used to visit the Ullala Darga regularly fell down without any reason. As and when the person regained his conscience, to his surprise he had his speech fully restored.
A moth long Uroos celebration held once in five years attracts huge crowds. Once during the period of Uroos a person committed theft. After a while he suffered severe stomach pain. Immediately Doctors were summoned but in vain. Finally the man admitted his fault and sought the pardon at the Ullala Darga of the Saint. After that he was relieved of his pain.
On another occasion of the Uroos, a catholic painter by name Albert who was doing the painting work at the Ullala Darga made a vow for the return gold neckleces that he has lost 2 years earlier; if he receives back he would offer certain offerings at the Ullala Darga Shareef. The next day he found the same ornament wearing by women at Mangalore. Thus he was able to recover them. True to his word Albert fulfilled his vow also.
In the year 1945 there was acute shortage of water in the Melangadi area, where the present Juma Masjid is situated. It was the time of Uroos festival. Thousands of devotees had come to the Uroos festival. There was no water to drink and cooking purposes at the Ullala Darga. The devotees assembled at the Ullala Darga for the Uroos prayed for water and save them from thirst. To their surprise a gurgling sound was heard and water filled up in the well near the Ullala Darga. Ever since this particular well never dries up, even if the surrounding areas face dry spells. Devotees visiting the Ullala Darga drink this water believing that it has curative powers. Even now whatever quantity of water is drawn from this well the water does not get exhausted, on other occasions the water could be completely drained within an hour’s time by pump. Deveotees visitning the Ullala Darga drink the water if this well with devotion and faith.

Main Attractions at Ullal Darga

  • Tomb of the Saint Seyyed Muhammad Shareeful Madani
  • Holy Well
  • Juma Masjid

Fairs & Festivals:
Ullala Darga Uroos: The first annual Uroos celebration was recorded in the year 1920. Later on the Managing committee was celebrating celebration once in five years. These celebration held for period of one month. During the Uroos period renowned scholars give religious discourses in Arabic, Urdu, Malayalam and Kannada. Devotees from all parts of India irrespective of cast and creed visit the Ullala Darga and pay their homage to the Saint and seek his blessings and to fulfill vows. The Last Uroos held during the month of April, 2010 attracted more than 15 Lacks of devotees. Uroos ends with mass feedings. A team of Jamath Volunteers manage the mass crowd as no police personals are permitted within the Ullala Darga complex.

Accessibility (How to reach ) to Ullla Darga:
Nearest Bus Stands to Ullal Darga: Ullal Bus Stand (1Kms), Thokkottu Bus Stand (2 Kms), Mangalore City & Service Bus Stand (13Kms) & KSRTC Bus Stand Mangalore (15 Kms)

Nearest Railway Station to Ullal Darga: Thokkottu (2Kms) & Someshwara Railway Stations (3)only for Local Passenger Trains, Mangalore Central Railway Station-MAQ (13KMS), Mangalore Junction Railway Station-MAJN (12 KMS)
Nearest Airport to Ullal Darga is Mangalore International Airport-IXE (28 KMS)

Route Direction to Ullala Darga:

  • Mangalore City /Railway Station / Mangalore Airport -> Pump well circle -> Thokkottu (R) – Overbridge – Mastikatte –> Ullala Darga
  • Kasaragod – Talapady – Thokkottu (L) – Overbridge – Mastikatte –> Ullala Darga
  • B.C. Road / Puttur/ Vitla /Uppinangadi -> Melkar circle – Mudipu Cross -> Thokkottu (R) – Overbridge – Mastikatte –> Ullala Darga 

Tourist (Visitor) Facilities

  • Free Fresh up facility
  • Free Lunch for visitors
  • Information Counter

Travel Tips

  • All religious people are allowed to visit Ullala Darga.
  • Tourist Guides: There is no professional tourist guides at Ullala Darga. But on request, office staffs guide the visitors.

Books / Literature about Ullala Darga:

  • Seyyed Muhammad Shareeful Madani Darga: A Brief History published by Seyyed Muhammad Shareeful Madani Darga in English & Kannada Language
  • Ullal Juma Masjid (402) & Hazarath Seyyid Muahammed Shareeful Madani Darga Ullal published by Seyyid Muahammed Shareeful Madani Darga in English Langauage

Surrounding tourist places to Ullal Darga:

  • Ullal Beach (1 Kms)
  • Somanatheshwara Temple (3 Kms)
  • Someshwara Beach ( 3Kms)
  • St. Sebestian Church (1 Kms)
  • Madyaru Parashakti Temple (8Kms)
  • Bhagavathi Temple, Ullala (0.5 Km)
  • Umamahesgwari Temple, Thokkottu (2 Kms)

Nearest ATM Centers to Ullala Darga

  • State Bank of India ATM,Mastikatte, Ullala
  • Corporation Bank, Near Netaji Hospital, Thokkottu (2Kms)
  • Karnataka Bank ATM, Near Amma Electronics, Thokkottu
  • State Bank of Mysore ATM, Near Sahara Hospital, Thokkottu

Emergency Numbers

Ullala Police Station
Fire Service :100
Ambulance: 108

  1. Seyyid Madani Charitable Trust Hospital, Ullala ( 0824-2467575, 2467576)
  2. Netaji Yallappa Hospital, Thokkottu
  3. Sahara Hospital, Thokkottu

Nearest Restaurants to Ullala Darga

  • Madani Canteen (Veg.)
  • Baba Restaurant (Veg. & Non Veg.), Mastikatte
  • Vrindavana Restaurant (Veg.), Thokkottu
  • Samadhan Restaurant (Veg.), Thokkottu
  • Grills & Chats (Veg. & Non Veg.), Thokkottu

Nearest Accommodation Facility to Ullal Darga

  • Summer Sand Beach Resort, Ullal
  • Baba Lodge, Mastikatte
  • Udupi Home Lodge, Thokkottu
  • Aysha Lodge, Kotekar

Contact Details Of Ullal Darga
Seyyid Muahammed Shareeful Madani Darga, Post Box No.1201, Ullal – 575020, Mangalore, D.K. Karnataka. Phone: 0824- 2467285/ 2467401 Fax: +91-0824-2467400. ,